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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Premiering November 3rd The Great Warming presents a chilling message

The filmography stuns, the dialogue is compelling and the special effects will overwhelm you but, in the end, it is simply the message of “The Great Warming”, which will chill you.

Narrated by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves, a new film by Canadian producer Karen Coshof and her husband, director/writer Michael Taylor, opens nationwide November 3rd. The Great Warming is by far the best of a new crop of environmental documentaries, which have made their debut in recent months and the first to make extensive use of vastly divergent cultural experience in setting both the narrative and the visual lessons that compel our understanding of the phenomenon of global warming.

From a rain forest on Vancouver Island to the city of Piura, which lies on a costal desert in Peru, the filmmakers examine today’s evidence of what is literally a sea change in our earth’s climate. The narrative lingers on the sometimes painful but always evocative recollections by ordinary people of their experience of climate change and then, with a quick nod to the science and theory behind those changes, the moviegoer finds him or herself on the streets of Beijing or watching a solar powered wide screen TV inside the yurt of a Mongolian family.

This movie is filled with the kind of imagery and attention to details of the daily lives of people no different from you or me that empowers the film with its National Geographic richness and texture. You will want to take your children as well; they’ll love the attention paid to a young generation of environmental caretakers from around the world.

We highly recommend seeing The Great Warming if you’re a tree hugger or not, republican or democrat, industrialist, businessperson, homemaker, farmer or student, it will leave you entertained and with an understanding of the environment and the processes, which control it. Most importantly, you will come away with a sense that it is still not too late to avert The Great Warming.

by Harlan Weikle
Greener Magazine

Watch a trailer of The Great Warming

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