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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Donate and Recycle

For a Greener Community

Anytime the car won't fit in the garage is a good time to consider recycling. But, as often happens, this becomes a real chore; finding a recycling station or paying extra fees to have the items picked up and taken to a landfill and then sorting it beforehand, better to just leave the family car out in the elements another week. Or, why not consider donate and recycle, the green solution to freeing up garage space, making your life easier and going easy on the environment all at the same time.

We've compiled a list of alternatives to a trip to the dump for nearly everything you want to get rid of - make that recycle. From electronics to toys, unwanted clothing , furniture, even spent batteries, half used cleaning products and paint that may no longer be safe around your home, we'll show you ways to recycle it all.

Some of these resources are community run such as local recyling days or regular pick ups by a recycle center. Others are privately operated and will gladly pick up items which are no longer wanted by the homeowner, sometimes for a fee and sometimes free of charge depending on the type of items you have. Still others are operated by charitable organizations and benefit a particular charity, cause or association.

Any of these options can benefit your community in many ways. By recycling some still useful item you have made an economic contribution to the community, preserved valuable space in local landfill and provided incentives for industry and jobs in your area.

So the next time you want to lighten the load around your home think of recycling first, its the Greener thing to do.

Check our resources page Green Market for recycling information in your community. We'll maintain this page and update it as new resources becomes available. If you know of a recycle resource in your community send it to us. We'll tell everybody and give you the "Greener" credit.

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