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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bush declares April, water conservation month

April 4:: Governor Jeb Bush declared April, Water Conservation Month in Florida even as conservationists and water managers around the state warn of future water shortages. Today's declaration makes Florida the first state in the nation to proclaim such a water conservation initiative.

Governor Jeb Bush today proclaimed April as Water Conservation Month. Together with 65 organizations from around the state, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) endorsed the proclamation, which recognizes the importance of preserving and protecting the quality and supply of Florida’s water for future generations.

“Through state and local partnerships, Florida is adopting smart management and conservation strategies, ahead of time, to ensure a reliable supply of water for the state’s natural resources and a growing economy,” said DEP Secretary Colleen M. Castille. “By using water wisely and planning for our future needs today, we can protect rivers, springs and wetlands while identifying water for society.”

Florida is home to 50,000 miles of rivers and streams, more than 700 freshwater springs and draws 92 percent of the state’s drinking water from underlying aquifers. The Sunshine State is recognized as a national leader in water management, conservation and reuse. DEP’s Water Reuse Program was honored as the 2004 WateReuse Institution of the Year, with reuse capacity of utilities around the state increasing in 2003 to more than 1.2 billion gallons per day. Reclaimed water from more than 460 domestic wastewater treatment facilities irrigated 154,000 residential lawns, 486 parks, 427 golf courses and 213 schools statewide.

by Harlan Weikle
Greener Magazine

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