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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Summer time and the travel is greening

Google maps and The Earth Day Network have partnered in a "mashup" to produce a nifty site, which helps you map your way to greener travel this summer. The site is called Have a Green Summer.

We took a test drive and found some interesting destinations sure to please the dedicated eco traveler or just make your summer fun a bit more earth friendly. Families will find New York high on the list of destinations, and surprisingly green as well. Whether you like dining on organic greens or in Tavern on the Green you'll find this site's interactive maps and videos as entertaining as they are helpful.

They have a quick and easy directions point-to-point feature and some insider's tips for making the most of your visit. It's all free and requires no registration, or, if you're the more hands on type you can join their Google Group and write your own travel advisories or just ask some questions from other green travelers.

We were so impressed we added our own Green destination pick for your summer's travel adventure at Greener Earth maps, El Yunque National Rain Forest in the Carribbean.

From LA to Orlando you are certain to find a feast of "earthwise' summer adventure for the entire family. Listen to our partner site ENN Radio as host Jerry Kay interviews Earth Day Network's Laurie Howell, and have a Green Summer.

by Harlan Weikle
Greener Magazine

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