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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Great Warming

Opening in theaters nationwide November 3rd, The Great Warming, based on the book "Storm Warning - Gambling with the Climate of our Planet" by Lydia Dotto, promises to be the next blog buzz among environmentalists, climate watchers and theater goers alike.

Maitland McDonagh, TV Guide Movie Reviews says, "This environmental call to action blows past politically oriented debate about global warming to declare in ringing tones that the Earth is in trouble and that to ignore the problem is to invite harsh judgement by future generations."

Narrated by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves, The Great Warming is a dramatic film about climate change that sweeps around the world to reveal how a changing climate is affecting the lives of people everywhere. It has been called "the best film about global warming ever shot”, and taps into the growing groundswell of public interest in this topic to present an emotional, accurate picture of our children's planet.

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