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Sunday, November 19, 2006

In the shadows

Editor's note: In the final days before Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, we felt it was appropriate if not essential to feature a few alternative points of view regarding resources, want and the meaning of "shared quality of life."

We begin with In the shadows, a photo essay by free lance photojournalist Parker Eshelman.

A glimpse into the downtown alleys one young woman calls home.

Behind the popular coffee shops, crowded sidewalks, and entertainment of bustling 9th Street in Columbia, Missouri, lives a family stuck in the shadows of society.

Over the past three years, Sheena Marie Andrews has overcome drug addictions and struggled with emotional depression while living on the streets. She was kicked out of her father’s house at 17 for her drug use and turned to her street family, which offered money, alcohol, tobacco, and companionship for the high school dropout.

At 20, Sheena is one of the youngest women sleeping in the alleys of downtown Columbia. She has quickly grown tired of the city, but not the lifestyle, and is looking for a way to escape before her next court date. Sheena struggles to come to grips with reality, but confusion over love, family, and identity has clouded her future.

Click here to read the entire photo essay

Written and photographed by Parker Eshelman / Columbia, Missouri
Republished with the permission of INTHEFRAY Magazine

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