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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving and your daily "toon"

Introducing "Day by Day", a swank new daily cartoon feature and the first to be featured in Greener Mag.

Day by Day is written by Chris Muir whom we're sure you'll see much more of in the months to come. The strip features 4 characters: Damon, Jan, Zed and Sam (we'll call them techno-beats) smarmy young 20-40 somethings each with his or her own political agenda and lots of "attitude", or is that atta-boy.

A coder, a marketer, designer and an engineer: all about remaking their world or perhaps just each other and finding in the process that the world has its own design. The strip is bright and entertaining, sexy in a political way? And, oh yeah, daily.

You'll find it on our side bar "Day-by-Day" so grab a cup of half-caff and join us every morning for your day by daily.

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