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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

World AIDS Day demonstration DC Dec 1

"Together we must put an end to the paradoxical and terrible logic by which the medicines are in the North and the sick in the South."
President Abdoulaye Wade, Senegal

The UNAIDS’ report released last week reveals that more than 1 million people in Africa were receiving HIV/AIDS treatment by mid-2006. This represents a ten-fold increase from just 3 years ago, December 2003. Still, according to Africa Action,”The vast majority of those on the continent in need of such treatment still do not receive it.”

Ann-Louise Colgan, Director of Policy Analysis and Communications at Africa Action, said, “HIV/AIDS treatment is a basic right, and it is a matter of life and death for millions of people living with this disease around the world. Yet in Africa, less than one-quarter of those in need of life-saving HIV/AIDS treatment now have access.”

The UNAIDS report also points to HIV/AIDS gains in Uganda, which had previously been touted as a success story on the continent.

Africa’s women continue to bear a disproportionate burden of HIV/AIDS; the report urges a new approach designed to address the specific needs of women and girls who are most vulnerable to the pandemic.

This week, on World AIDS Day (Friday, December 1) Africa Action will join with Global Justice, the Student Global AIDS Campaign and other organizations rallying outside the White House. The rally, beginning at 2:45 pm, will feature live performances by local artists as well as statements from leaders in the struggle against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Organizers intend to call for an urgent, increased international response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and greater international support for the Global Fund to fight AIDS including a new initiative on health care workers, and an international plan to achieve universal access to treatment by the year 2010.

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