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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NASA shuttle prepares for return, watch live

Introducing live NASA TV coverage, a new feature on Greener Magazine.

As NASA resumes the shuttle program and is now completing the scheduled phase construction of the International Space Station, we thought it was time to introduce a new feature on Greener Magazine, live NASA TV.With future planned missions to the Moon and Mars announced earlier this year, NASA will once again be making new discoveries in manned exploration of the environment, technology, and science all of which impact life our on earth.

Clearly, as our world grows smaller from increasing population pressure and the threat of ever-present disasters, both manmade and natural, on the rise, it leaves society with fewer and fewer options. One obvious option is the exploration of space.

Like it or not, the human race is bound by nature to explore and so we thought that even if only by this arm chair method, a window on the world of NASA exploration would be worthwhile.

Watch NASA Television live now and look for our player in the side bar, coming soon.

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