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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You can help

Time Magazine made an interesting choice on Saturday for their Person of the Year, rather than selecting still another politician, world leader or group, they selected you.

They selected your neighbor, your boss and your child. They selected the person next to you on the plane and they chose an orphan in the streets of Mumbai or Chicago or Brasilia. They selected all of us and perhaps that is just their way of saying, "It takes a village", or it takes a country even a whole world to fix the things we have broken.

Hunger, disease, dislocation, war, inequity and poverty, these conditions all have a cause but, in the final analysis, they are all the direct result of something more basic, more human: broken promises, failed responsibility and disillusionment.

It may be that the world would heal itself, left alone. Left to time and nature, the environment would improve, the Earth heal. But, as "Person of the Year", you can change that in ways nature cannot. Find a cause to champion, a problem to solve or just a person to help in this coming year and you will have achieved something wonderful and for that you may fairly be called Person of the Year.

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Here are a few sites to help you get started::

World Wildfile Fund

Environmental Protection Agency

E.P.A Kids


Earth 911

Environment Australia



World Health Organization

World Watch Institute

Blue Moon Fund

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