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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Marketing the military

An encore edition originally broadcast November 30, 2005

Photo: Matt Fitt (Santa Cruz Indymedia) - Students at UC Santa Cruz successfully rallied to force military recruiters off of the campus. March 5, 2005With the war in Iraq showing no sign of cooling down and recent indications of increasing threats from terrorists both foreign domestic we thought this would be an appropriate moment to rebroadcast this eye opening look at the renewed "surge" in military recruitment efforts.

The United States military has recently been pouring millions of tax dollars into recruitment efforts in an attempt to counteract well-publicized, Iraq war-influenced, recruitment dropoffs.

We'll examine several of these efforts, including a new military ad campaign aimed not only at teens, but at parents; an inside perspective at how Army recruiters fill the ranks; and counter-recruitment efforts in high schools. We'll also hear about a student-based effort to help other teens make informed choices.

For a free listener packet on military recruitment and counter-recruitment, please call us toll-free at 800-529-5736.


David Sweabe, vice president Mullen Advertising; Cathy Chan, student, Oakland Military Institute; Crystal Adair, academic success coordinator, Oakland Military Institute; Bruce Holaday, superintendent, Oakland Military Institute; Cadet Sergeant Ralph Gomez, student, Oakland Military Institute; Susan Quinlan, volunteer, Youth Empowerment School; Jen Lowe, youth organizer, Code Pink; Ruby Butler, junior, Youth Empowerment School; Zamil Bonner, counter-recruiting campaign volunteer, Youth Empowerment School; Staff Sergeant Jose Delao, recruiter, U.S. Army; Staff Sergeant Luis Green, recruiter, U.S. Army; John Davis, junior, San Leandro High School; Rosa Yost, Safeway employee.

This week's host: Tena Rubio. Contributing producers: Justin Beck and Sarah Olsen.

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