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Thursday, September 20, 2007

On new ground

Liberating gender & sexuality

It’s a well-worn path in human history. Non-traditional and marginalized communities attacked for their lifestyles and their individual choices… whether it’s based on sexual identity, gender equity or the quest for collective empowerment. So how do we challenge and overcome gender and sexual oppression?

Dr. Andrea Smith, of “INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence” co-founder, Loretta Ross, SisterSong founder, and Imani Henry, International Action Center staff organizer spoke at the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta, Georgia this summer. They have some answers.


Suzanne Pharr, Southerners on New Ground founding member; Dr. Andrea Smith, “INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence” co-founder; Loretta Ross, Sister Song founder and National coordinator; Imani Henry, International Action Center staff organizer.

Greener Magazine
Audio: Gender justice
Senior Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Associate Producer: Puck Lo
Interns: Samson Reiny and Joaquin Palomino

For more information::

Southerners on New Ground
PO Box 268
Durham, NC 27702

INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

(Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective)
1237 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

International Action Center
5C - Solidarity Center
55 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011

Additional Information::

To learn more about the Jersey 4, sign up for the Yahoo groups email list:

Write letters to the Jersey 4 themselves:

Patreese Johnson # 07-G-0635 and Renata Hill # 07-G-0636
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
PO Box 1000
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Terrain Dandridge # 07-G-0637 and Venice Brown # 07-G-0640
Albion Correctional Facility
3595 State School Road
Albion, NY 14411-9399

Counter Punch Article
“Killer Lesbians Mauled by Killer Court”


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