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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kiva, sounds like hope

Kiva, Loans that change lives. The microloan groundswell that began just 2 years ago is making a difference one loan at a time to small business and individuals worldwide again this year with record numbers of small lenders like you and your neighbor investing as little as $25 at a time.

Kishwer Azam's family business is just one of many helped by these peer to peer loans. Over the months to come we'll report back regularly on how the micro loan has fullfilled its purpose and the experiences of those involved.

From 7 P.M. EST Christmas evening it took less than 45 minutes for the Azam family's loan to be granted from lenders in British Columbia to Columbia, Maryland.

Kishwer's story

I have one son and live with my family in Multan, a medium-sized city in Pakistan. My son is too young to attend school. My husband operates a fruit business that he would like to expand. He is requesting a loan of $250 for this purpose. He intends to buy seasonal fruits in bulk with your loan. We hope we will able to give our child a sound economic future.

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